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This agreement, between Coffin Muffler and the undersigned, is made for the expressed purpose of authorizing retail sales of Coffin Muffler products through the undersigned’s business entity. These sales are to be conducted in a localized manner and should conform to generally accepted good and principled business practices. By accepting the status of Authorized Dealer of Coffin Muffler products, the undersigned states and verifies that their business entity conforms to the following requirements and agrees to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The undersigned operates a legitimate retail business or muffler shops and sells or provides automotive products or services.
  2. The undersigned operates a business that has: an actual physical location and address; an actual telephone listing; appropriate business licenses; and a respectable credit history.
  3. The undersigned will not pursue advertising or promotional activities that portray Coffin Muffler products in a way that is inconsistent with or contrary to the advertising and promotional standards of Coffin Muffler. A reseller may not use, at any time, for any purpose, advertising tactics or methods, which are detrimental to the image or perceived value of Coffin Muffler products.
  4. The undersigned will not sell or advertise Coffin Muffler products on any Internet address other than their primary business address unless given prior approval from Coffin Muffler. Authorized Dealers who do not maintain the aforementioned standards and practices will have the delivery of Coffin Muffler products discontinued and terminated.
  5. Authorized Dealer shipments will be billed to a Credit Card. Any order over 5 mufflers will receive free shipping.



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